Culture is a distinguishing  factor of Bhutan and this is mainly manifested in the religious festivals, called Tsechus, which are performed to invoke the Great Buddhist Tantric of the 8th century, Guru Padma Sambhava, who first came to Bumthang. Tshechus are held all over Bhutan on different dates and last for three days.

While it would not be possible to showcase the three day Tsechus fully, we offer our guests a glimpse of the Tsechus, through the performance of different mask dances and traditional dances. Inside the lawns of River Lodge, you can sit back and enjoy the special dances, all of which has a meaning, a story behind it. And we will be there to explain the messages conveyed through the dances.

Only at River Lodge will you have the opportunity to witness a “mini Tsechu (religious festival)”.

Mini Festival Picture