We boast of one of Bumthang’s and perhaps Bhutan’s largest restaurant with room for about a 100 people. Fitted with a bar, the restaurant can be used to host receptions, weddings and other ceremonies.

River Lodge believes in being Green and Organic. The ingredients of all the food we serve are from the gardens of Bumthang’s fields, where farmers have turned organic. It does not matter what the cuisines are – organic is the word.

Our trained chefs and their assistants will bring to your table all types of dishes; Chinese, Thai, Continental, Indian and the Kingdom’s delicacies or local dishes. Starting from the Haoentoe (similar to a dumpling) of Haa in Western Bhutan; Kharang (maize) of Eastern Bhutan, to Bumthang’s own specialities like Putta (noodles) and Khuli (buckwheat), River Lodge has the right persons trained to make such delicacies.

If you have had a long day and need a good respite, our Bar, comprising of local and imported drinks is at your disposal.

You will be served different cuisines. But all share one trait – they are organic.